First visit to the Plastic Surgeon

The first visit to the surgeon who will do the breast reconstruction is very important for the patient. The patient should feel comfortable, confident and relieved before the doubts raised concerning this process. Sometimes patients have the feeling that they have not made the most of their first visit with the plastic surgeon.

1. Bring your medical history

Give the surgeon the previous diagnostic test taken, as well as the list of all medications, vitamins and even natural treatments that you are taking.

Inform the doctor of your previous surgeries

2. Be accompanied

Normally a lot of information is given and is difficult to understand and retain all the information, so it is better to visit the surgeon in company.

3. Speak freely and in confidence.

Leave the fears out of the office and tell the surgeon what you expect and what are your concerns regarding your reconstruction. If your doubts have not been clarified ask for more explanations.

It is very useful to bring a list with the questions and doubts to ask to your surgeon.

3. Take notes

Nervousness and the amount of information given by the surgeon make difficult to understand and keep all the information given. Is good to take notes of the important points and make a revision after.

In spite of these recommendations, if you have any other doubt, do not hesitate to schedule another visit with the surgeon

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