Preparing for the surgery (I)

A month before the surgery

Once its decided which type of breast reconstruction is the most appropriate for the patient and the plastic surgeon who is going to do it, the date for the surgery can be scheduled.


A month before the surgery

1. Taking care of yourself

The patient has already spent much of her physical strength in the fight against breast cancer, especially if she has undergone radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The reconstructive surgery will suppose a new fatigue for your body so is very important to invest in your body to face better the surgery and the postoperative.

  1. Eat in a balanced way (non-fat proteins, fruits and vegetables),
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Increase the intake of foods with iron (liver, legumes, tofu, meat …) and natural juices with vitamin C (which help absorb the iron),
  4. Avoid drinks with caffeine (which block the absorption of iron) and alcohol,
  5. Practice moderate exercise half an hour a day,
  6. Take a vitamin complex with minerals
  7. Sleep 8 hours a day.
2. Prepare yourself emotionally

Relaxation exercises, yoga or walks can help to reduce stress. Many studies have shown that patients who are prepared for surgery usually experience less pain and recover earlier.

Moreover, the lack of information can increase anxiety, so we recommend to contact the surgeon whenever necessary to consult any doubt or to clarify a forgotten concept.

3. Non Smoking

Is mandatory to avoid tobacco at least 6 weeks before the breast reconstruction and 4 weeks after.

4. Avoid some medicines

Some medicines that contents aspirin and ibuprofen damage the blood coagulation and is very convenient to avoid them before the surgery. Is also recommended to interrupt substitutive hormone therapies. The surgeon must inform the patient which products should stop taking and for how long. (including some vitamins and natural treatments)

Vitamins, natural products, infusions can have negative effects on blood coagulation, and must be consulted with the surgeon before taking them

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