Preparing for the surgery (II)

15 days before the surgery

Following the information, I posted concerning the tips to follow one month before a breast reconstruction, a preventive mastectomy or a mastectomy after breast cancer.

Today I will expose the procedures to follow 15 days before breast reconstruction.


15 days before breast reconstruction.

1. 1. Carry-out preoperative tests.

In addition, explaining to the patient what procedures involve the breast reconstruction selected, the surgeon will order some preliminary tests such as a complete blood test, a chest x-ray, an electrocardiogram and a mammography of the healthy breast. It is recommended a visit to the anaesthetist and a last review with the oncologist or sinologist.

Certain techniques such as the DIEP, a preoperative study of the blood vessels of the abdomen is performed to optimize the surgery.

2. 2. Donate blood

Normally the breast reconstruction does not require blood transfusion but is recommendable to donate 1 or 2 units of your own blood as a precaution. This way, if a transfusion is needed, it could be used the own blood.

3. 3. Buy some clothes

It is convenient to ask the surgeon if a bra or other special garment is needed in the hospital and when returning home (especially with front closures), as well as buying comfortable nightgowns or pyjamas, including one or two sizes more of underwear in the case of reconstructions with abdominal or gluteal tissue.

4. Store in advance the prescribed medication

In addition to taking care of the usual medications, the patient can request some other medication to get sleep the night or nights before the surgery.

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