Preparing for the surgery (III)

1 week before

With this post I close the group of 3 in which I give advice before taking breast surgery.

Today we explain what to do a week before the surgery.


A week before the breast reconstruction surgery.

1. Provide information for hospital pre-admission.

Some clinics and hospitals request the documents and data to arrange the admission of the patient before the surgery. Ask the hospital, if necessary.

2. Intensify your personal care.

It might be of interest to give yourself some extra care in hairdressing or aesthetic services (such as hair removal in areas affected by surgery), in outings with friends or in a last-minute purchase. Everything can have a positive influence on your mood.

3. Inform the surgeon of your state of health.

Tell him if you have had a cold, infection, flu, allergy or other little health problem.

Is important not to take unnecessary risks before the surgery and you must inform the surgeon any detail related to your health.

4. repare your home.

Is the moment to buy all the necessary items to make the first-aids at home (dressings, thermometer…), buy food in case you need help when arriving home, clean the house to find a comfortable environment and avoid extra work during the recovering.

5. 5. Prepare for recovery.

Get ahead of what you are going to face when leaving the hospital will help you in recovering better. This includes organizing who will take you home and who will accompany you at least for a couple of days, prepare the bedroom with everything you need at hand (medication, remote controls, books, handkerchiefs, telephone …) or ask your friends not to call during the first days to facilitate rest.

The most important thing is preparing yourself inside and think in positive: even if you feel nervous about the idea of going into the operating room, remember that it is a surgery that will help improve your quality of life.

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