Preparing for the surgery (IV)

The day before

The breast reconstruction is an important process and it needs a conscious scheduling for the patient. For this reason I wrote post 1,2 and 3 with the one I will write today I will complete the list of tips directed to your preparation the day before and the same day of the breast reconstruction.

Patients who take a breast reconstruction after breast cancer and the ones who undergo a prophylactic or preventive mastectomy usually get stressed the days before the surgery.

For this reason, we think the information posted is this 4 chapters can help you in preparing you for the surgery


The day before breast reconstruction

This is not the appropriate day to take important decisions and make important arrangements for this we recommend:

  1. Remove nail polish and artificial nails
  2. Get relaxed, each patient in their own way (yoga, tai-chi, movie, at home, …)
  3. Washing yourself with bactericidal soap at least two days before the surgery
  4. Decide what to wear on the day of admission and also the day of leaving the hospital: wide, comfortable clothing that is buttoned in front, and shoes as comfortable as possible.
  5. Prepare a bag or suitcase to spend the night (toiletries with hygiene products, underwear, documentation required, favourite music …)
  6. Leave valuables at home
  7. Keep a list of all the medication used (although the hospital will already provide it)
  8. Take a light dinner (and do not eat or drink or even water after midnight or the term established by the anaesthetist)
  9. Consider having sex if desired.


EThe day of breast surgery

Today is the day. It is important to:

  1. Take a shower and wash your hair
  2. Do not make-up
  3. Talk with family and friends
  4. Leave notes or messages to children or family members
  5. Try to get relaxed
  6. Keep a positive attitude

Based on my experience the tips I have exposed throughout the 4 posts seem the most appropriate and necessary to get as comfortable and calm as possible before undergoing a breast reconstruction.

I hope that can help all the women that are considering the decision to rebuild this important part of your body and I remain, at your disposal for any questions or comments you may need.

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