Breast reconstruction

Dr. Masià and his team have focused their efforts and resources to develop surgical techniques to offer a better breast reconstruction to women that undergone a mastectomy to go beyond the breast cancer sequalae and recover the quality of life. Everyday actions such as dressing, shopping or doing sports or simply holding a child or the couple can be conditioned by a mastectomy.

The possibility of a good Breast Reconstruction for a woman that undergone a mastectomy can mean regain the self-esteem and femininity

“Regaining self-esteem and femininity helps to overcome breast cancer”


Breast Reconstruction Objectives:

Plastic surgeon must understand that the breast is not just an image or a simple attachment to the patient. The main objective of a breast reconstruction should be to rebuild a woman and not a breast, rebuild a woman to feel like before.

Any woman who is facing a mastectomy has some expectations before that new step in their complete recovery of breast cancer. Those expectations go beyond the fact of having a breast with the most natural appearance possible. Actually, what she wants is simply feel like before. It is possible to affirm that women, once they have had this type of cancer, what they want most is to catch up their daily routine, recapture their body image, strength their femininity and reduce the psychological stress that the cancer has created.


Immediate Reconstruction or Delayed Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction can be done immediately restoring its natural shape and volume in the same surgery as the mastectomy.

If mastectomy has been undergone or in certain situations where complementary treatment with radiotherapy is required, is necessary to carry out a delayed breast reconstruction. The oncologist will decide together with our team which of the two surgeries is the most appropriate for the patient.

If you undergone a mastectomy or a lumpectomy, it is never late to perform a reconstruction and recover the natural breast contour . If, on the other hand, you are not happy with the reconstruction done with other techniques (breast implants or expanders …), we will replace these by your own tissue recovering a natural breast.


Secondary Breast Reconstruction:

Unfortunately, there are many women with unsatisfactory breast reconstructions procedures.

Do not resign yourself!We can help you to improve your quality of life. It is possible to replace what they have done for a breast reconstruction with a good result.

In the last 2 years, one third of our patients had already been reconstructed by other surgeons with poor results. Fortunately, we have been able to improve considerably those results by contributing to the well-being of these women.


Know your options!

The surgeon should consider every Breast Reconstruction as an unique case, because every woman is different and face their own internal environment.

The plastic surgeon should recommend the most appropriate and personalized Breast Reconstruction technique for each of the patients. Thus, we can get the best functional and aesthetic result. And, above all, improve the quality of life of women.

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