Genitourinary reconstruction

For genitourinary reconstruction we must take into account not only the aesthetic and structural aspects of each organ but also its functionality, since the male and female genital area is an anatomically complex area to perform its reconstruction.

For this reason the appropriate approach to treat alterations of this body zone must be made in a multidisciplinary way. Dr. Masià works closely with the Puigvert Foundation to achieve the best results in genitourinary reconstruction. Thus, we can relieve the sequelae of genital cancers, perineal trauma, congenital and genital development, as well as the morphological changes required by gender dysphoria.


This intervention consists of genitourinary reconstruction of the penis (phalloplasty) using skin, and fat of the patient’s forearm. Donor tissue includes a vein, an artery and nerve endings. In the forearm the new penis is made and once the reconstruction is performed, the vein and artery are cut with the sensory nerve to be transferred to the genital area where a connection is made to the veins and femoral arteries of the groin for its revascularization. Through complex microsurgical techniques, the reconstruction is completed with the connection of the nerve terminals.

Once implanted the genital organ this one has sensitivity and allows the urination and also all the sexual functions except the erection. But after the implantation of a hydraulic prosthesis, the patient will recover the erection capacity.

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